The Best Morning Juice For Your Health In 2020

[morning juice]List of healthy drinking water in the morning that you should not ignore .. World Electrolyte is an authorized distributor of alkaline ionized water generator.
A glass of drinking water after waking up in the morning will help you purify the body, replenish water, necessary nutrition if you choose the right, otherwise, the body will be tired, dehydrated and create many diseases.

Why should we drink water after waking up?

Our body is more than 70% water so water dominates every other activity of the day. Drinking enough water will ensure your body is alert, refreshed, healthy to start the day.

Without adequate water supply, the body will easily fall into a negative state, which is prone to diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, angina, colitis, digestive disorders, high blood pressure, and fat. obesity, hemorrhoids, breast cancer, tuberculosis, kidney stones, sinusitis, and uterine cancer.


Drinking about 300ml of filtered water in the morning with normal temperature is very good for the body, helps blood circulation, promotes blood circulation, prevents the organs from sticking together after a long night of rest.

Is drinking water in the morning good?

The body after one night of waking up consumes all the water the day before so it needs to be added the next morning to promote blood circulation, filter waste.
According to Health, water is one of the essential nutrients for humans, accounting for about 60-70% of body weight. Water is distributed throughout the body from muscles, brain to joints, internal organs. People may fast for a whole month but lack of water for a few days can lead to death.
Every day the body loses an average of 1.5 liters of water through urination, defecation, sweat, especially the more active the more water loss. Therefore it needs to be added to replace the lost part. Except for the amount of water in food, each day a person needs to add about 1.5 liters of water to ensure the smooth functioning of the body's organs.
A glass of warm water in the morning will help replenish the amount of water that the body consumes overnight, helps reduce blood stickiness, promotes blood circulation, filters out waste products in the blood.
Many people often do not drink water in the morning. Scientists recommend that people who do not regularly drink water in the morning are prone to dryness and cracked lips, sore throat, constipation, yellow urine. The condition will be more severe for people with heart or blood vessel disease. Particularly those who have the habit of exercising in the morning without drinking water before will be very harmful to the body, in the long run, can cause illness.

How to drink water in the morning is the best?

It is best to drink water when there is nothing in the stomach, when the stomach is empty, meaning that before breakfast you will help promote blood circulation, purify the body, clean the digestive tract.

When drinking water should drink in small sips, do not drink too fast. Drinking water too quickly will be easy to drop blood pressure, brain swelling, leading to headaches, nausea and easily make you choke water.


In summer, fresh lemonade is a very popular beverage. But you do not know that this water should be drunk regularly and it is best to drink in the morning. From a modern nutritional point of view, fresh lemons are rich in vitamin C. This vitamin plays an important role in fighting oxidation in the body, increasing resistance and helping the body to detox.

Adding a cup of fresh lemon juice in the morning will give your body a good source of vitamin C.

Moreover, from the viewpoint of Eastern medicine, the lemon has a sweet and sour taste, calming the effect of refreshing except for low birth control. Lemons are often used in cases of heat stress, poor eating, toxinemia, vomiting, hypertension, etc. amount.

The benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning

Lemons contain antioxidants D-limonene - a substance that activates enzymes in the liver, helps accelerate the activity of the liver, thereby helping the liver eliminate toxic substances in the body. Moreover, the lemons are very diuretic. Drinking lemon juice makes you urinate more, so toxins also pass the urine out. Therefore, fresh lemon water is considered to have a good ability to detoxify the body. Every morning, drinking a glass of lemonade causes all the scum to remain in the body for a long night to be discharged.
Lemon juice has the ability to boost the body's immune system due to its high vitamin C content. This vitamin has both anti-inflammatory and iron absorption properties - a mineral that plays a high role in the immune system.
Lemons contain extremely good alkaline substances, so it helps to balance the pH in the body, especially for people who are prone to pH imbalances such as those who eat a diet high in protein, cheese and alcohol. If your body has an unbalanced pH, it will cause many diseases, so drinking lemon water regularly in the morning can both help balance your body throughout the day and help you stay healthier.
Citric acid contains citric acid, which improves the absorption of aluminum hydroxide - the active ingredient helps reduce the acidity in the stomach, thereby promoting the digestive system. You have this problem.
Drinking lemon water in the morning helps to eliminate bacteria that cause infections in the throat and chest so it will help you reduce respiratory diseases. This drink is very beneficial for people with a dry cough, wind cough, asthma, and allergy.
Lemons contain vitamin C so it has a pronounced effect in anti-aging, skin beauty, reducing wrinkles and acne on the skin surface. Moreover, vitamin C helps to flush toxins from the inside so it helps skin beautiful from the root, not just the surface.

How to drink lemon juice in the morning is the most healthy:

You should not mix lemon juice in the usual way when drinking refreshments, ie mixing lemon juice with sugar and giving lots of ice.

Use a cup of warm water and a little honey to make lemonade. Warm water and honey are also good for health, help kill bacteria and increase resistance. This wonderful trio will be like a protective armor for your health.

Coconut water

Coconut water is not only a refreshing drink familiar to people in tropical waters but also has many effects on health. Typically, a person is dehydrated due to vomiting or diarrhea, indigestion, bloating, or poor appetite. You can drink this water at any time of the day. However, drinking coconut water early in the morning will bring great health benefits.

Good for the digestive system: Coconut water is beneficial for intestinal bacteria and stomach acid. Therefore, if you drink coconut water in the morning will help the digestive system work more stable.
Beneficial for heart health: People with high blood pressure often have low potassium. Coconut water has a high concentration of potassium and lauric acid so it can regulate blood pressure. Some recent studies also show that coconut milk can help increase HDL cholesterol, which is beneficial for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.
Weight loss: Coconut water contains very few calories and contains no fat. Also, when you drink a lot of coconut water in the morning, you will feel fuller and don't want to eat much throughout the day. This will help you lose weight effectively.
Providing energy and reducing fatigue: Many people often get up early to practice sports. After each training session, the body will sweat a lot, tired of losing a part of electrolytes such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, chlorine, potassium. These electrolytes work to balance body fluids, maintain muscle function, and eliminate waste from cellular activities. A glass of coconut water will provide energy, replace lost water, reduce fatigue during the day and solve this situation.
Good for kidneys: Coconut water is one of the kidney's good drinks because of its diuretic effect. After a good night's sleep, you should drink coconut water early in the morning to clean the urinary tract and prevent the risk of developing kidney stones.
Maintain mental focus throughout the day: In addition to providing potassium and rehydration for the body, drinking coconut water in the morning also helps you maintain mental focus, pH balance, stabilize body temperature and provide Important nutrients that the body needs for the whole day.
You don't have to worry about drinking coconut water on an empty stomach because this natural drink is low in acidity. Unlike coffee or other fruit juices, coconut water has almost no negative effects on the digestive system. Using a cup of coconut water after drinking coffee in the morning can also minimize the negative effects of caffeine.


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